Advance Parole

On November 20, 2014, Executive Action on immigration was taken by President Obama. One of the areas this Action addressed was advanced parole, a procedures in which USCIS may authorize an individual to travel abroad with advance authorization to be considered for parole into the U.S. upon their return. This departure does not trigger the 3-10 year ban for re-entry.

Currently, advanced parole is granted to individuals with certain types of temporary status or with pending immigration applications and is subject to the USBCP considering parole at the port of entry.

Under the Executive Action of President Obama, written legal guidance will be created to clarify all cases when an individual physically leaves the U.S. pursuant to a grant of advance parole and distinguish it from those departures that fall under the 3-10 year re-entry ban. This Executive Action does not limit the authority of the USCBP to conduct routine inspection and admission or parole of an individual returning to the U.S.