Marriage-Based Green Card Assistance

Are you looking for assistance with your marriage-based green card application, or do you need help with Adjustment of Status? If you are facing unique scenarios, such as being present in the United States under the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA), you have come to the right place. Our San Jose-based immigration law firm offers expert guidance and comprehensive services to couples throughout the San Jose area, the broader Bay Area, and across the United States. Our skilled marriage green card attorneys specialize in navigating the complex process of marriage-based immigration, ensuring clients nationwide achieve their residency goals. We understand the nuances of U.S. immigration law and are dedicated to providing personalized and effective solutions for each unique case.

Understanding Marriage-Based Green Cards

A marriage-based green card enables the foreign-national spouse of a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident to live and work permanently in the United States. This pathway to residency is a cornerstone of U.S. immigration policy, emphasizing family unification as a core principle. Obtaining a marriage-based green card involves a detailed application process that demonstrates the legitimacy of the marriage and ensures compliance with all immigration laws. This process is designed to unite families and provide a stable future for couples in the U.S.


To qualify for a marriage-based green card, applicants in San Jose and throughout the United States must meet several key criteria:

1. Legally Valid Marriage: The marriage must be legally recognized in the place it was performed. This involves adhering to all local laws regarding the marriage, including age and consanguinity (blood relationship) requirements.

2. Bona Fide Relationship: Applicants must provide evidence that their marriage is genuine and not solely for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits. Suitable evidence might involve Evidence can include joint finances, children, shared living arrangements, and other factors that demonstrate a life build together.

3. Financial Requirements: The U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse must prove the ability to financially support the foreign-national spouse at or above 125% of the federal poverty guidelines, ensuring the immigrant spouse will not be dependent on government assistance.

4. Visa Waiver Program Adjustments: Specifically for cases in California, if a foreign national spouse entered the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program (ESTA) and married a U.S. citizen within 90 days, they may be eligible to file for Adjustment of Status. This allows them to seek permanent residency without the need to leave the United States.

Comprehensive Services

Detailed Initial Consultations: Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation where our San Jose marriage green card attorneys assess your unique situation, paying particular attention to those who have entered the U.S. on a Visa Waiver Program and are looking to adjust status post-marriage.

Documentation and Application Assistance: We guide you through the complex process of gathering all necessary documentation, accurately completing all required forms, and compiling a convincing application package for the USCIS. We pay special attention to unique cases involving the Visa Waiver Program.

Interview Preparation: Understanding the critical role of the green card interview, our team at The Ahluwalia Firm delivers comprehensive preparation sessions tailored to each couple’s unique circumstances. We meticulously prepare you for a range of potential interview questions, specific to your personal background and marital situation. Additionally, our guidance includes a detailed review of the necessary documentation you should present and strategic advice on how to convincingly demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage. This thorough preparation is designed to enhance your confidence and readiness, paving the way for a successful interview outcome.

Why Choose The Ahluwalia Firm for Your Marriage-Based Green Card in San Jose?

Extensive Immigration Expertise: Our team has extensive knowledge of immigration regulations and over 15 years of experience with USCIS processes across various states, providing a significant advantage in navigating your application process smoothly.

Personalized Service: We offer personalized attention to each client from our dedicated attorneys. We understand that each case is unique, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that lead to successful outcomes.

Proven Success: Our firm boasts a strong track record of successful marriage-based green card applications, as evidenced by numerous testimonials from families we have assisted across the United States.

Begin Your Journey to U.S. Residency

Embarking on the journey to a marriage-based green card is an exciting step towards building a shared life in the United States. The Ahluwalia Firm is equipped and ready to guide you through each phase of this process, ensuring you feel confident and well-informed, no matter where you are located.

Contact us today to schedule a detailed consultation and take the first crucial step towards securing your family’s future in the United States. Discover how our expert, compassionate approach to marriage-based green cards can help unite your family right across the nation.

Ensure your future in the United States with a trusted marriage green card attorney by your side.


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