Global Migration

The Ahluwalia Firm handles global migration needs of the corporate sector. The Firm assists companies in securing and managing their employees' immigration status in multiple jurisdictions throughout the world. Our international team can facilitate the orderly, legal, and efficient movement of talented employees across international borders. The Firm understands the critical role that valued employees play in the success of any corporate venture. We work closely with our clients to plan immigration and visa compliance well in advance for placement of any temporary and permanent worker in other countries.

We provide cost effective solutions ensuring that transferring employees are not troubled by immigration status requirements abroad, regardless of their origin and destination. The Firm offers expert immigration professionals to provide the services required in local jurisdictions of the destination country. Our professionals in these locations understand the language, ethnic background, law, and other immigration status processing related requirements.

At The Ahluwalia Firm, our emphasis is on:

  • confirming eligibility and determining the appropriate migration strategy
  • delivering value for money, ensuring seamless status processing requirement
  • acting as a main point of contact for all your questions and concerns
  • notifying the company and employee along every step of the process
  • ensuring a service-delivery model that meets and exceeds your satisfaction

For additional information about our ability to secure and manage the seamless movement of your employees in multiple jurisdictions throughout the world, contact us for reliable advice.