P Visas for Athletes, Artists, and Entertainers

There are three distinct categories of P visas: P-1, P-2, and P-3.

The P-1 visa is designated for athletes, athletic teams, and entertainment companies that have received international acclaim. For a performer in an entertainment group to qualify for P-1 classification, they must have been a crucial part of the group’s performance for at least one year or a significant period. Although the P-1 and O-1 visas cater to similar talents, they have differing regulations that lead to unique procedures and criteria.

P-2 visas cater to individual artists or entertainers, or groups, who intend to perform in the U.S. as part of a reciprocal exchange program between an American organization and one or more entities in other countries.

P-3 visas are available for individual artists or entertainers, or groups, planning to enter the U.S. for performances, teaching, or coaching in either commercial or non-commercial programs that are culturally unique. For a group seeking P-3 classification, each member must have been a vital part of the group’s performance for at least one year or a significant duration.

Family Members of P Visa Holders

Holders of P visas can have their spouse and unmarried children under the age of twenty-one join them in the U.S. with P-4 visas. These family members, however, are not permitted to work in the U.S.

Validity of P Visas

The length of validity for P visas is tied to the duration needed to complete the specific event, activity, or performance, with a maximum initial stay of one year.

Documents Required for P Visas

  • A consultative written opinion from a relevant U.S. peer group, labor, or management organization
  • A contract between the U.S. employer and the foreign national, team, or group
  • Details of the event and a comprehensive itinerary
  • Two of the following forms of documentation:
    1. Significant participation in a prior season with a major U.S. sports league
    2. Significant participation in international competitions with a national team
    3. Significant participation in a prior season for U.S. college or university intercollegiate competition
    4. Statements from officials of a major U.S. sports league or governing body affirming international recognition
    5. Testimonies from sports media members or experts affirming international recognition
    6. International ranking, if applicable
    7. Receipt of significant honors or awards in the sport

Different P visa classifications require different evidence, so it is important to consult the specific criteria for each.

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